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Our Story

We are a progressive literacy and development lab for young children. We opened our classrooms in 2001 to provide an alternative development program for children in our community (including our son, who was preschool age at that time). We have over thirty-five (35) years experience of teaching toddlers and preschool children and helping them become confident, independent, and happy individuals. 


In the development of your child, we believe that nature and nurture are complementary. We recognise the uniqueness of each learner and are aware of our responsibility in meeting these needs at each stage of his/her development. 

Our Mission

We commit to build a community where children are provided with multiple opportunities:

  • to make choices

  • to grow in a nurturing environment

  • to imagine, explore, discover, and create situations through hands-on experience

  • to enjoy every learning situation and see it as a meaningful experience

  • to build their self-esteem and competence as a result of learning skills

  • to become more confident, caring, and respectful to him/herself, others, and the environment

  • to make friends and keep them

  • to solve challenges from lessons and basic life situations in different ways

  • to develop their fine and gross motor skills 

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is an integration of strategies geared towards cognitive, physical, and social emotional development. 

Our subjects include:

  • Literacy (Reading, Writing, and Oral Language)

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Music and Movement

  • Arts and Craft

  • Values Education

  • Practical Life Skills

  • Creative/ Drama Play

  • Fine and Gross Motor Development

  • Field Trips

Our Teachers

Our teachers are passionate about teaching and learning. We understand the different development needs of our learners and work with them to help them reach their full potential.


We practice positive communication and gentle guidance to let children learn from both their successes and shortcomings.  

We keep ourselves abreast with current educational issues and approaches through readings, workshops, and professional affiliations. 

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