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Academic Support

The new learning modality can be a bit overwhelming for some of our learners. BLC provides online tutorial services to complement formal instruction. We tailor fit our services depending on the needs and time of our student.

Students first

We believe that learning in a relaxed environment according your child's needs will allow him to develop better habits and build confidence. Our  services are consistent with our philosophy of child-led learning. Our tutorials are available at an affordable fee. 

Quality Tutors

Our tutors are equipped to support you and your children with an array of subjects and school requirements. 



We adjust based on your availability and the specific support you need. You can do one session or regular sessions with our tutors.

How does it work?


What do you need help with

What are you having difficulty with? Which subject/ lesson? Do you need one-time consultation or a regular session?


Find a Tutor

We'll match you with tutors based on the subjects you need support with. 


Get a Lesson!

Learn with you tutor using online tools!

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